Eddie Ni is an international, multi-lingual executive with well over 25 years of business experience within China, USA and Canada.  Eddie has a multifarious business portfolio ranging from food services, home décor, import/export, manufacturing, real estate planning/development, educational learning, consulting and much more.

Areas of Expertise


  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Development

  • Maximizing Profit

  • Modernization

  • New Market

  • Export/Import Markets

  • Partnership Development

  • Marketing

  • Retail Sales

  • Manufacturing

  • Educational Learning

Business Experience

Main Moon Restaurant    

Owner & Manager

  • Owned and managed over 30 restaurant locations.

Ni’s Dynasty Group            

Owner & Manager

  • Owned and managed over 50 restaurant locations.

  • Involved in construction and management of over 100 restaurant locations.

  • One of its locations, Yellow Tail is the largest Japanese style seafood buffet in Northeast Ohio and remains a strong influence to surrounding restaurant businesses.


ABC International Inc.        


  • Consulting firm which sought to link and bridge together Asian and American businesses and projects.

  • Import merchandise from overseas


Windfall Group Inc.            

CEO & President 

  • Start-up has developed company strategies, set budgets and capital allocation, formed partnerships, and hired a team to steer company accordingly.

  • Carried out numerous assignments on strategy and implementation, design and developments of new services, negotiation with China government officials.

  • Company is involved in various real estate development and construction on various scales.  Has experience in real estate development with total of over 5,000,000 SQFT of space completed and 1,000,000 SQFT under development in both China and United States.

  • Also involved in retail and wholesale in home improvements, LED lighting and pianos.

  •  Acquiring shopping centers throughout Chicagoland area and East Coast of the United States


Far East Memorial Garden Ltd.       


  • Eddie is also involved in the cemetery businesses well-known by the Asian-American community in Ohio and Chicago, Illinois.


New World Asian Plaza LLC.          


  • A LLC setup for a real estate planning and development in Pittsburg.


Direct Import Home Décor Inc.         


  • Manufacturer and supplier of quality granite and cabinetry and various other products for home interior as well as hotels.

  • Clients include Holiday Inn, Double Tree, Hilton, Best Western, Wyndham Hotel, etc.

  • Success led to expansion to Canada and various states across the US.


Windfall Flushing Invest, LLC.           

President and Chairman   

  • A LLC setup for a real estate planning and development in Flushing, NY. It;s a over two-hundred-million dollar project.

Pacific Mall LLC.         


  • A LLC setup for a real estate planning and development in Chicago, IL.


Keystone Piano ( Shanghai Kai Sheng )      

Chairman and President 

  • Manufacturing Piano and wholesale across China

  • Educational Learning through musical instruments, arts, dance, chess, and more.

  • Currently have over 100 Keystone Educational facilities and retail stores in China and over 10,000 students


Goldenhome Cabinetry USA        

President and CEO 

  • Goldenhome is one of the largest manufacture of Cabinetry in China

  • Goldenhome is the biggest brand in China for Cabinetry

  • Exclusively representing Goldenhome products and wholesale across the US